Ideally electric car manufacturers would allow for open standards to exist for better communication tools between the car and external devices. This would allow for basic driving data to be accessed and presented in a way that can make sense to the driver. Useful information such as diagnostics, error service codes, driving efficiency, and more would cease to be hidden and made available at any time.

The application could switch between all makes and models of compatible cars allowing for communication via bluetooth, wifi, or other external connection standards to gain access to personal vehicle data.

The interface comprises of 3 main categories; User Settings, Stats Dashboard, and Car Profile. It allows for quick and easy navigation removing cluttered list views and unnecessary imagery. You won't find any emphasis on car visuals or detailed representations of the vehicle within the application. The car is much more pleasurable to view outside of a mobile device , so no need for clunky and over crowded use of imagery.

Main Dashboard: The driving range data shows both the milage and power supply. As the driving range changes as do the 3 main values (Miles, MPGe, Hours) of driving data in the energy usage data area. As the values change the graph below also reflects the change in energy usage (watt hours).

Main Dashboard Views: On the main dashboard, the initial home screen shows the driving range and energy usage information, the car location information (swipe up), and the Car Control set (swipe down).
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