Heroes of the Storm Esports
 Through 2014-2016 I helped design the initial Blizzard website and features for the global Heroes of the Storm Esports program. At that time it was the start of a network of sites that would all share a common theme and continuity for a Blizzard Esports brand and web presence. Heroes was the first game franchise to be launched.
Our goal was to establish an online source of truth directly from Blizzard. We wanted to serve our community the latest news, events, and clearly communicate the league structures. This brand would evolve over time starting with the Heroes World Championship, Global Circuit, and finally to Global Championships (HGC). Ultimately as the competitive gaming landscape changed the planned network of sites evolved into less of a shared unified design and more game specific of each Blizzard Franchise. Below highlights the initial version of the website.
UI / UX Design, Visual Design , Web Design
Modular and Flexible Design
 We designed the Heroes website to be approachable for a general audience. To achieve this one of our goals was to create the homepage in a way to be updated easily to reflect the current landscape of the league. Events, tournament phases, and scores were a few of the things we wanted to convey by creating these features as modular designs. Below are some of the live examples and concepts we produced.
Event Schedule
 One of our biggest features was developing a regularly maintained  event schedule for all of our ongoing Heroes of the Storm esports tournaments. We created a official event schedule that included general listings for each region throughout each season. Below are some live and additional concept features.
Responsive Layouts
 We also ensured every page conformed to the display of any device that was accessing the website. We included full functionality of the site no matter what device was being used.
Styles and Exploration
 In the initial style exploration I considered many avenues to theme the esports website portal. Below are some of the examples of various visual design styles and ui ideas for layouts and components. 
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